Don't let the wicked city get you down. (living_in_ennui) wrote in you_dumb_douche,
Don't let the wicked city get you down.

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Elephant vs. Donkey

I have something to post about.

The Presidential election.

Do you think it sucks in its entirety? If so, why? Which candidate sucks less?
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I hate bush more, I hate Kerry less. I would like to write in Colen Powell.

what about you?
I find Kerry annoying. I wanted Bush to win so he could die and then Cheney'd be president, but he'd probably die too. Powell wouldn't be so bad.

Sadly, I think the whole election has turned into a big joke.
a huge joke. Cheney is a Drug lord i think... haha I hat politics :)

Deleted comment

Too bad he has absolutely no chance of winning. :\